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Aunque personalmente no hablo español, tengo ayundante en mi oficina quien habla español, así que no dude en llamarme con sus problemas legales.


    What was the county of arrest/citation?

    How/why did law enforcement make contact with you?

    What was the law enforcement agency?

    What were you charged with? (List all charges)

    Were you issued a citation or arrested?

    If you were arrested, were you booked into a jail?

    If you were booked into a jail, what jail?

    Were you required to post a bond?

    How long were you in jail before making a bond?

    Did you speak to or make any admissions to anyone over jail phone?

    Did Law enforcement conduct a search? (Check all that apply)

    If law enforcement conducted a search of your vehicle, please answer the following questions:

    Was this the result of a traffic stop?

    Why did the officer tell you he pulled you over?

    Was a drug sniffing dog used?

    How long did you have to wait for dog to arrive?

    Did you give law enforcement permission to conduct a search?

    If law enforcement conducted a search of any kind, please answer the following questions:

    What, if anything was seized as a result of the search?

    Where was it when found by police (please be specific)?

    Briefly describe encounter with law enforcement in your own words.


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